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Welcome Assholes!

Welcome Assholes

By December 8, 2016 Welcome Assholes!

What’s up Fuckers?!! My name is Carlos….. Emmm…………no it’s not, but you can call me Manuel, Tony or even Joao (John). I don’t give a fuck! What ever turns you on. I would like to keep myself anonymous from the general public just to protect my family, friends and co-workers. As you can see that’s not a picture of me either but, hey…….I figure majority of the people reading my blog are going to be men so enjoy you dirty bastards lol.

I have decided since I had an early layoff this year, that I would start writing for all my fellow construction workers. Something I would hope makes you laugh, puts a smile on your face or at least entertains you for the day. Cause we only know how much we bend over and take it up the ass at work, and if your married with children like I am, than you know your bending over at home to. And don’t say no!! You know you would do anything for your wife and kids! All construction workers think there all tough until we hear “honey”? or “daddy”? Lets face it, we love our wives and our kids and that’s why we do what we do. Unless your educated, the only way your gonna make some serious money is construction.

Portuguese high-school drop out right here! 99% of my readers just went “that’s me”!
The other 1% (Italians, Mexicans, Newfys and the odd munjy cake) just said “yep”. So don’t forget that, when you want to make comments about my grammar. My spelling is not bad, but fuck those indents on a new paragraph and I don’t give a fuck if I missed a comma.

There really isn’t much to say about me. I’m a hard working husband and father of 4 who works, eats, sleeps and repeats. So if you want a laugh or a short read subscribe to anyone of my pages (facebook, twitter etc).

I’m only here for your entertainment fuckers!!

Stay safe!

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